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The Prone Protective Cover was created in 2020 during the pandemic, at a time when the spread of airborne droplets had us all pretty terrified. 


Founder Mary Jane Donnelly, who is a massage therapist, designed the cover for her clients to use during treatment. It kept her safe from airborne droplets while allowing her clients to receive their treatment mask-free when in prone position. After using the product herself and receiving great feedback from clients, Mary Jane realized this was a product practitioners should be using all the time to enhance their standard of care.


Mary Jane worked closely with her professional association, the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC), to develop and market the product. She then worked directly with practitioners and their clients to tweak the PPC and create an easy-to-use, practical product. The final result was a simple, washable, no Velcro, easy on, easy off cover that was long enough for claustrophobic clients to feel comfortable using, yet short enough to not be a tripping hazard.


Throughout the development and distribution of the Prone Protective Cover, Mary Jane ensured it was entirely Canadian made. From manufacturing and shipping to product ribbon labels, wrappers, and shipping boxes, all components of the PPC support the Canadian economy and Canadian business owners.


Mary Jane is proud to share a simple yet effective product with her fellow practitioners and their clients.

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